[Images above: India 2011, Dubai 2012, China 2014, Kyrgyzstan 2014, Burma 2015, Spain 2015, France 2012.]

I am writing this blog for high school and college students (but all readers are welcome).

Why me?

You can watch my May 2014 commencement address in Kyrgyzstan to learn about the first 25 years of my life (embroidery, knitting, sewing, cooking, wood shop, metal shop, typing, drafting, offset press printing, journalism, constitutional law, computer programming, model rockets, various flunky jobs, etc.)

Here is a short video interview with me from 2012 (my 30th college reunion) about some of my experiences at Northwestern University.

And here is the 1993 episode 1149 (26m31s) of the PBS show Computer Chronicles, where Tony Audino and I demonstrate the new features of MS-DOS 6.2 to host Stewart Cheifet. (Tony and I show up at 5m37s.) There is also brief coverage of “DOS 7” [which never shipped], along with screen time for Mike Dryfoos and Richard Jernigan.

A few of my road race times are here (I most enjoyed the 2010 New York Marathon).

You can view a few of my photographs in my SmugMug portfolio.

I have visited 54 countries outside of the USA (47 since 2014): Argentina (2019), Australia (2020), Austria (2018), Barbados (2016), Belgium (2017), Bhutan (2015), Botswana (2015), Brazil (2018) [1], Burma (2015), Cambodia (2015), Canada (2017), Chile (2019), China (2017), Costa Rica (2017), Czechia (2017), Denmark (2008), Ecuador (2016), Finland (2019), France (2018), Germany (2019), Guatemala (2019), Hong Kong (2014), Iceland (2014), India (2016), Ireland (2009), Israel (2014), Italy (2017), Japan (2014), Kazakhstan (2014), South Korea (2015), Kenya (2017), Kyrgyzstan (2014), Laos (2015), México (2019), Morocco (2019), Netherlands (2017), New Zealand (2003), Panama (2017), Peru (2018), Portugal (2019), Qatar (2017), Romania (2018), Saint Lucia (2016), South Africa (2019), Spain (2016), Sweden (2019), Switzerland (2013), Tanzania (2017), Thailand (2015), United Arab Emirates (2012), United Kingdom (2018), Vietnam (2015), Zambia (2015), and Zimbabwe (2015) [2].

[Links above are either to my 3,000+ videos on YouTube or my travelogues on slivka.com.]

[1] I spent only a few hours in Brazil, visiting Iguazú Falls.
[2] I spent only a few hours in Zimbabwe, visiting Victoria Falls.

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