Dr. Cloud

In 2035 (20 years from now), you’ll have nanobots roaming your body beaming up tens of thousands of protein levels to Dr. Cloud.  So will billions of other people.  And human doctors — who are already pretty fallible when it comes to medical diagnosis — will be out of a job.

Dr. Cloud will know when you have sex, sip a Coca-Cola, climb a flight of stairs, take a bite of a hamburger, bruise your shin or cut yourself on a piece of paper…everything you do causes changes in protein levels throughout your body.

If Dr. Cloud detects an elevated CA125 level, it will deploy other nanobots to up-regulate your immune system and knock out the nascent ovarian cancer before it even gets started. Similarly, Dr. Cloud will down-regulate your immune system to head off autoimmune diseases like arthritis, IBS, and ALS before they get started.

Dr. Cloud can also maintain your body weight and BMI.  If you pick up a cookie, your hand will start shaking.  As you bring the cookie closer to your mouth, you’ll start to feel nauseous.  And if you manage to start eating the cookie, Dr. Cloud will make you toss your cookies.  Call that internal aversion therapy.

Dr. Cloud can eliminate addiction, altering your body’s reaction to alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, and other addictive substances.

Of course all new technologies have a “dark” side.  If Mr. Putin were in control of Dr. Cloud, he would be able to control how you vote, and many other things as well.

From the vantage point of 2015, Dr. Cloud sounds like science fiction.  But all of the component technologies for Dr. Cloud are being pursued today in research laboratories around the world.

Just one example is the 100K Wellness Project described in 100,000 People, 250 Biomarkers, and the Quest for Good Health on the IEEE Spectrum website today.

Author: benslivka

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